Adam Sander’s Cadillac Escalade


We all know what a famous man Adam Sandler is. What we don’t know is how rich he is. He is known to have multimillion worth of assets which include his set of mansions all around the United States, and of course, his car– the Cadillac Escalade.

This car is just one of his many existing cars. Actually, this car is his favorite pet. He usually brings this baby with him wherever he goes. He is even spotted carrying this car even in some Hollywood affairs like the red carpet. Well, this one’s a really awesome car and that’s why it seems to be Adam’s sweetheart.

Release Date: 2007
Body: SUV, 5 Doors
Transmission: Automatic
Model: Escalade
Engine: 8 cyl, 0.0 L
Power: 301 KW
Vehicle Segment: 2007 CADILLAC ESCALADE Luxury
Torque: 563 Nm
Country of Origin: UNITED STATES

Many celebrities actually choose to own and drive a Cadillac Escalade. Stars like Jennifer Lopez, Denise Richards, Andy Garcia, and several others really fancy this car. Why not? This is one of the fastest cars in the world. Not to mention that it’s also spectacular when it comes to style, audio system, and transmission.