Angela Lansbury’s Kia Soul


Don’t you known that beautiful grandma Angela Lansbury has a great car? Yes, she owns a Kia Soul that really rocks! She is often spotted driving this car especially when she’s in Beverly Hills.

Kia Soul is a very convenient car. It has a superior design with stylish interior, as well. We can’t blame the singer and actress for being so in love with this car. It’s magnificent and it’s simply one of the finest rides to ever exist. It has hatchback, 4 Doors, and 5 Seats features which make it also a great choice for the family.

Release Date: 2014
Body: Hatchback, 4 Doors, 5 Seats
Make: KIA
Transmission: Automatic
Model: Soul
Engine: 4 cyl, 2.0 L
Fuel: Unleaded
Power: 100 KW
Vehicle Segment: 2013 LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO LP550-2
Torque: 285 Nm
Country of Origin: SOUTH KOREA

The South Korean car is noted to be an amazing car. Not to mention that it also costs less compared to other existing cars. Based on reviews, Kia Soul is comfortable to use. It also makes the driver and passengers feel relaxed because of its soothing touch-screen audio system.