Avril Lavigne’s Bentley Continental GTC


With her huge success in the music industry, Avril Lavigne was able to acquire stunning assets which include her superb Bentley Continental GTC. Often times, the beautiful singer is spotted driving this car, especially when she has some shows to attend to.

Bentley Continental GTC is one of the mostly preferred cars in the world, especially by celebrities who love to drive a stylish and state of the art ride. This English-made car is sure to impress. It has a stunning speed and it also offers the passenger complete comfort while traveling.

Release Date: 2007
Body: Convertible, 2 Doors, 4 Seats
Transmission: Automatic
Model: Continental GTC
Engine: 12 cyl, 6.0 L
Fuel: Premium Unleaded
Power: 373 KW
Vehicle Segment: 2007 Bentley Continental GTC 3W
Torque: 700 Nm
Country of Origin: UNITED KINGDOM

This black colored car is sure to make Avril look even hotter. And we can’t see any reason why it doesn’t suit her. Apart from its stylish interior and exterior, this car is also fast, featuring 225 mph. That’s how amazing this car is.