Chris Brown’s Lyrical Lamborghini – Tupac Lyrics Insane!


Chris Brown’s New Lambo is covered in Tupac Lyrics. What a great or just insane idea from this famous man. Well, we can’t blame him because as a music freak himself, he probably wants to flaunt his car with a design that depicts the art of music while he’s driving and going out to some of his favorite destinations. If you’re curious which Tupac song lyrics he painted on his car exterior, it’s the song called “Lord Knows”.

Owning such a grand car as the Lamborghini has never been so good for the recording artist. This car, by the way, cost him a stunning $500,000! This is an easy money, anyway, given the fact that he doesn’t care how his car gathers impression. He seems comfortable that way.

Release Date: 2014
Body: Coupe
Transmission: MANUAL
Engine: V10 Cyl, 5.2L
Fuel: Premium unleaded
Power: 405kW
Vehicle Segment: SPORTS
Torque: 540Nm
Country of Origin: ITALY

For Chris, the way he painted his car with lyrics is something new and original. This may not sit well on some people who’s not into a rugged car look, but for him, it’s an art and it’s one way of expressing his thoughts. Way to make an impression, Chris!