Jennifer Hawkins’ Audi A4

jennifer hawkins

Jennifer Hawkins is one of the alluring personalities in the world. Australia’s beautiful pride, Jennifer is a former Miss Universe. After handling her crown to the new Miss Universe, she instantly took a career in show business.

In 2008, the beauty queen was handed a very stunning car called the Audi A4. The car was said to be unveiled in Sydney in that year and with its opening, Jennifer became one of the highlights because she was the ambassador of this car model. She particularly surprised the crowd when she walked in the entrance and paraded her beauty. What made the whole thing interesting was that she perfectly modeled this car which became hers.

Release Date: 2014
Body: Sedan, 4 Doors, 5 Seat
Make: AUDI
Transmission: Automatic
Model:  A4
Engine: 4 cyl, 2.0 L
Fuel: Premium Unleaded
Power: 120 kW
Vehicle Segment: 2014 Audi A3
Torque: 220 Nm

Jennifer is always seen driving the Audi A4. Luxurious, sophisticated, and very smooth to drive, this car is a dream car for everybody. The former Miss Universe must really be enjoying this ride!