Jennifer Lopez’s Cadillac Escalade

jennifer lopez

One of the brightest stars in the world, Jennifer Lopez can’t stop being admirable. We’ve seen her rocking Hollywood’s red carpet glams and we’ve also noticed how good she is when it comes to acting– more so in singing.

And because she’s everything successful, we’re no longer surprised to know that she has acquired multimillion assets, including her luxury car– the Cadillac Escalade. This car is famous. Many celebrities choose to own this car because of its magnificent features. This car is also classy and efficient and is noted to be a fantastic ride especially during long hours of travel.

Release Date: 2007
Body: SUV, 5 Doors
Transmission: Automatic
Model: Escalade
Engine: 8 cyl, 0.0 L
Power: 301 KW
Vehicle Segment: 2007 CADILLAC ESCALADE Luxury
Torque: 563 Nm
Country of Origin: UNITED STATES

Cadillac Escalade features 5 doors and multi-numbered seats so basically it can cater a whole family. Good thing for JLO, too because she often brings her kids with her whenever she’s up for some family bonding time.