Justin Bieber’s Fisker Karma


Actually, pop star and musical trendsetter Justin Bieber has lots and lots of cars. But one of this is the car called Fisker Karma. It’s a famous electric luxury car that is considered as one of the fanciest vehicles in the world.

For a price of $100,000, Justin was able to own such an illustrious car. He actually got it as a birthday gift on the Ellen Degeneres Show. Wow, just wow! The interesting thing about this car is that it basically catches attention especially during daytime. It’s pretty attractive but the only downside, however, is that it’s not that shimmery and jaw-dropping at night.

Release Date: Between 2011 and 2012
Body: 4-door sedan
Make: Fisker Karma
Transmission: 1-speed Prundletronic
Model: Fisker Karma
Engine: 2.0 litres (121.9 cu in) turbocharged Ecotec VVT DI LNF I4
Power: 3.3 kW
Vehicle Segment: Luxury car
Torque: 479 Nm
Country of Origin: FINLAND

Justin’s Fisker Karma is worth a deal. It seems like his kind of car. Badass, and more of a rugged type which basically gives him a rebel kind of aura. And speaking of being rebel, he even installed underbody LED lights in his car which is kind of illegal. A rebel, indeed.