Scarlette Johansson’s Toyota Prius


Scarlett Johansson is one stunning woman. She usually lights the big and small screen whenever she’s around. What’s great about this lovely celebrity is that she also owns lots of investments. These include her supercar Toyota Prius.

This Japanese car is no ordinary car because many celebrities totally adore this. Celebs such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Tam Hanks, Mery Streep, Miranda Kerr, Claudia Schiffer, and many others really love this car. Now what’s so great about the Toyota Prius is that it’s not only stylish. It’s phenomenal when it comes to its features.

Release Date: 2010
Body: Hatchback, 5 Doors, 5 Seats
Transmission: Automatic
Model: Prius Hybrid ZVW30R
Engine: 4 cyl, 1.8 L
Fuel: Premium Unleaded
Power: 73 kW
Vehicle Segment: 2010 TOYOTA PRIUS HYBRID ZVW30R
Torque: 400 Nm
Country of Origin: JAPAN

Scarlett is seen a couple of times turning the wheels of her magnificent Toyota Prius. Often times she is seen with this car while she’s on her way to some studios and gyms and while she’s also having shows and tapings. Whoa! She really put this car into great use.