Serena WIlliams’ Bentley Continental GT


American professional tennis superstar Serena Williams has many things to be thankful for. One of them is owning such an incredible car called Bentley Continental GT. This car is a real stunner!

Its color red is simply sexy, just like Serena herself. And not only that. Apart from being a fashionable car, the Bentley Continental GT is also a high-end car that boasts amazing features. It’s one of the cars that are famous because of their unbelievable speed. It also has a stunning interior that lets you feel relaxed while traveling.

Release Date: 2013
Body: Coupe, 2 Doors, 4 Seats
Transmission: Automatic
Model: GT Continental V8 3W MY13
Engine: 8 cyl, 4.0 L
Fuel: Premium Unleaded
Vehicle Segment: 2013 BENTLEY CONTINENTAL GT V8 3W MY13
Torque: 700 N·m
Country of Origin: ENGLAND

Driving a car is Serena’s favorite thing next to tennis. Well, it’s really quite an enjoyable feeling, especially when you have this feel-good car. Most of the time, she is seen driving this baby in the city.